Wow it’s been an insane workweek in RL.  I have a set with virtually nothing in it. I barely managed to find an outfit for it.  I have a song I really like, but haven’t choreographed a second of it.  What do you do when RL sucks the life out of you and your SL?  I love Friday night in SL…two of my favorite places have venue shows, Classical Circle Ballroom and the Empire Room.  I feel guilty sometimes when I pick one over the other, especially if I don’t show up to cheer everyone on at Elysium.  I am blessed to dance at some incredibly fun and supportive venues, and I want to be supportive right back, but sometimes, I am dance fried, brain fried and pooped.  That’s where the classical circle friends come in.  The music is divine, inspirational, beautiful.  The people there are music people.  They are talented, knowledgeable and everyone has to wear formal gowns… everyone looks fantastic. What’s the purpose of having all of those fabulous gowns and nowhere to wear them?  I have the opportunity to sit and zone out to the music, join in the conversation regarding composers and instrumentation and my favorite cellist, or to dance with some of the lovely patrons who are the only peeps I know who will dance with me and not hit on me…which is sooooooo awesome!  Oh…we are all also insane foodies and the recipes that fly around in chat are fantastic!! Forgive me dear friends, if you see me online and my busy response is on, because my work addled brain just needs some time to relax and recharge.


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