I found the new Sia song, elastic heart and knew right away that I wanted to dance to it.  What makes a song “dance worthy”?  I’m not sure there’s a concrete answer to that question. I have such eclectic taste in music, which you may have noticed given my choices on a weekly basis…but it’s a song that sticks in my head, first and foremost.  Then, it’s a dance that I can see animations working with.  I figure skated in RL, so I am familiar with choreography for actual 2 legged human life forms and I need to be able to visualize it before I can make it work.  There have been songs I’ve loved, but they don’t quite work in SL, at least not yet. Animations have come so far in so short a time, who knows what may be possible next year??  The hardest part for me is the set.  Sometimes it comes to me in a flash and I know exactly what I want to do, but sometimes it’s harder.  When I’m not sure of the set, I do the dance first, when I see the set, I do that first and then the dance.  I don’t have a methodical way to work a dance….I just go where the moment and movement take me.


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