Promo shots

I have never been a big photographer in SL. I have friends who have far more talent in their left eyebrow than I will ever have.  I have been extremely fortunate for these wonderful people to share photos that they have taken of me with me, but I realized it’s been a while since I updated any of my shots with my dance venues and frankly, I’m looking a little shabby compared to all of the photoshopped masterpieces hanging outside of Empire Room.  Today I dug out my Abranimations photo tools and began to take some new photos.  I found a great outfit at Solange and dragged in some of my own textures and poses that I routinely use in sets.  They made for much better fodder than the basic model poses I’ve used in the past.  I took a series of picture and posted some of them on my flickr site.  I’m a little worried that I enjoyed myself as much as I did… I have another thing to distract me from my dancing.  Darn Kat and Nai for being so creative and raising the bar!!!!

Danseuse 2


2 thoughts on “Promo shots

  1. Or passed one. -.- Seriously, Winnie – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot! I, too, have been bitten by the photo bug. My LOTD posts are a way for me to explore and experiment, and see all those things I didn’t even know I had in my inventory! I covet having a Flickr, but alas, until I can steal someone’s phone to get an account, it won’t be happening. 😦

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