Part deux

Yesterday was an interesting dance day for me.  A RP community asked Empire Room to perform at their monthly get together. We had a beautiful set designed by Soul (RestlessSoul) who recently designed the LEA12 Christmas Extravadanza sim. He is a talented designer and builder and a tireless supporter of the dance community.  Off I went in fully belly dance garb to a RP sim, somewhere I don’t ever go.  My dancing is my RP, so this was a new one for me!  I danced in a pit…who knew?  It was a terribly fun time, there were both Gor dancers and non-Gor dancers but we all worked with the belly dance theme.  There was some of the famous Gor emoting during dance, and then there was me…with a sword…threatening lives.  Thankfully they had a sense of humor and didn’t boot my irreverent tuckus off the sim.  We could only make tiny little sets, which was a relief from the faders and prim lights and routes and movers that make up a traditional set these days in SL.  Everyone’s sets were beautiful, which goes to show, simple can still get the point across.

I will never be a RP person in second life, but I have always had more friends that are involved in RP than not and it was interesting and fun to be part of their world for a short period of time.  Our hosts were wonderful and I must say, the range of beautiful silks and harem pants would make for a fantastic themed party.  The clothing alone was worth it.  These folks know how to dress up and throw a shindig!!


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